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Alhambra 9P
Product Image

kr. 12,300

Deep sound, compensated bass and a first string to fall in love with, a guitar with a lot of possibilities

When you have the 9 P model of Alhambra Guitars in your hands, it immediately transmits good sensations. A balanced guitar in all aspects, robust, with concert measures and a perfect action of the strings. A string action that is high enough to make the guitar sing but extremely comfortable.

It features a bridge-shape bracing pattern to give the top maximum volume and projection. This incredible projection describes a great guitar. The 9 P model has a sound with bass, middle and treble well balanced, fully compensated. It comes with the saddle and nut made of bone. This material has been used traditionally and its sound transmission capabilities are exceptional.

In the 9P model a nitro lacquer finish is applied to the top, this type of varnish increases the vibration capacity. A feature that together with the selection of woods and the type of construction, produces a deep sound. You will fall in love with the first string of this guitar, by its brightness and quality that provides many possibilities for interpretation. It is hard to imagine all the possibilities this instrument offers and the limits are just imagination.

From the 8 P and above, the guitars are made by a small group of craftsmen, sharing their experience and know-how. Precisely in the finishes of this model, you can see the important artisan work where combining a beautiful Indian Rosewood and a selected red cedar top, you can get an instrument with a refined image and high performance.


TOP: Solid Red Cedar
SIDES & BACK: Solid Indian Rosewood
NECK: Spanish Cedar Reinforced with Ebony
MACHINE HEADS: Luxury Gold Plated

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