Fender Telecaster 1975

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This lightweight 1975 custom colour Telecaster is one of those player-grade vintage Teles that combines all the best characteristics of new and vintage. With its original custom colour finish and original pickups and hardware this Tele has got all of the character and feel of a vintage Fender, but with fantastic playability thanks to its new frets. The guitar sustains and rings out beautifully unplugged all the way up and down the fretboard.

Plugged in, the bridge pickup delivers all of the snap and twang you’d expect from any good vintage Tele. The neck pickup has been professionally rewound and is full and warm sounding.

New potentiometers and switch selector ensures trouble-free performance live and the guitar has been professionally shielded by its previous owner to minimise any unwanted noise. Finally, the old output jack cup has been replaced with a Les Paul-style plate for maximum reliability.

Worth noting is the the neck heel where two smaller strips of maple has been glued on to the neck. This was done from the factory and runs underneath the original lacquer and the various stamps and markings on the underside of the neck heel.

The two string trees have been moved slightly, leaving two minor screw holes in the headstock just behind the new position for the string trees.

Weight is circa 3300 grams. Includes original case.

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