Gibson Flying V 1976

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DKK 34995

Woodstock Guitars

Really lightweight example. Great player with some wear and tear, but with all of the cool factor of a nice, vintage V.

It’s seen some action over the years, but it’s been maintained and is ready to rock for many years to come!

  • Headstock repair
  • Original tuners replaced with Grovers
  • Nut replaced
  • Original case
  • Weight is 2930g


  • Pickups are standard for the period, i.e. Gibson T-Top with stamped patent numbers. These measure around 7.5k, consistent with the general specs for T-Tops in that period. The neck pickup has been wax potted at some point. It is less clear whether this also applies to the bridge pickup without removing the covers.
  • Pots have been changed, and are seemingly all from the 80’s, with the only fully visible pot code dating to 27th week of 1984. The codes on the remaining two pots are somewhat obstructed by solder, but are from the 1980’s as well. Interestingly, at least one volume pot (neck volume) is a 250k. Based on the pots and general look of the electronics, it would be fair to assume that all pots, switch and jack were replaced at the same time.
  • Trussrod turns as it should, unaffected by the headstock repair. The lower two screwholes for the trussrod cover are slightly enlarged, probably from 45+ years of use. Also, as is to be expected, there is some fading present on the headstock
  • Original frets
  • A couple of pickguard screws have been changed

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