Ibanez RG8870 J.Custom Black Rutile

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Super Wizard AS 5pc Maple/Wenge neck
This Super Wizard AS neck has a more rounded shape towards the bass side, while still retaining the overall thickness of the Super Wizard profile– 17mm at nut and 19mm at 12th fret. This asymmetric shape provides a more comfortable grip and natural feel that makes techniques like sweeping and string skipping much easier.

Special j.custom Neck
j.custom Super Wizard neck includes jumbo frets finished with our j.custom special fret edge treatment for a super smooth and comfortable performance. The “Velvetouch” finish on the back of the neck ensures a “just right” feel and easy playability.

All Access Neck Joint
All Access Neck Joint offers superior playability at the high frets.

Macassar Ebony fretboard
Macassar Ebony produces tight lows and mid range along with strong attack in the highs and quick response with rich sustain.

Selected Flamed Maple top(4mm) / Alder body
Selected Flamed Maple top(4mm) flaunts a beautiful wood grain. The Alder body delivers a well-balanced bright tone, enriched resonance and sustain.

Chambered body
The chambered body not only contributes to a lighter overall weight, but also adds just the right amount of bottom and clarity, which is preferred by today’s metal players.

Deep and beveled lower horn scoop
It allows better and multidirectional high fret access.

DiMarzio® PAF® 36th Anniversary / True Velvet™ / The Tone Zone® pickups
The DiMarzio® PAF® 36th Anniversary pickup features a soft magnetic field, sweet tone, perfect balance between warmth and clarity and the ability move between clean and distorted by just the intensity of the pick attack. This pickup, combined with the DiMarzio® True Velvet™ and Tone Zone® offers depth, warmth and very rich dynamics.

Gotoh® machine heads
Gotoh® machine heads provide superior precision, a smooth feel, and excellent tuning accuracy.

Lo-Pro Edge tremolo
The legendary Lo-Pro Edge bridge offers maximum playing comfort with its streamlined profile and recessed fine tuners. Locking studs contribute to tuning stability.

Coil-tap switch
The coil tap switch adds sound and tonal variations for both pickups.

Gotoh® Strap lock pins
Gotoh® Strap lock pins protect your guitar from falling under tough stage performance.


Neck type: RG j.custom Super Wizard AS5pc Maple/Wenge neck
Top/back/body: AAA Flamed Maple (4mm) top / Alder body
Fretboard: Macassar Ebony fretboard / Tree of Life inlay
Fret: Jumbo fretsj.custom fret edge treatment
Number of frets: 24
Bridge: Lo-Pro Edge bridge
String space: 10.8mm
Neck pickup: DiMarzio® PAF® 36th Anniversary (H) neck pickup / Passive/Alnico
Middle pickup: DiMarzio® True Velvet™ (S) middle pickup / Passive/Alnico
Mridge pickup: DiMarzio® The Tone Zone® (H) bridge pickup / Passive/Alnico
Nut: Locking nut
Hardware color: Satin Black


Gotoh® machine heads
Coil-tap switch
Gotoh® Strap lock pins
Asymmetric neck grip
Chambered body
Deep and beveled lower horn scoop
Hardshell case included

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