Marshall Major JMP 200W Full Stack 1972

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DKK 97995

Woodstock Guitars

200 watts of mint condition, all-original early 70’s Marshall thunder, ready to make bell bottom trousers flap all the way to the back of the arena. For those about to rock, it doesn’t get (Black)more major than this.

The head and the two cabs have been together all their lives, so this is quite possibly – in fact quite likely – the best condition, most original full Marshall Major stack in existence anywhere. The head even includes the original Marshall cardboard shipping box!


Bass version (model 1978), metal panel, 1972 Marshall Major head. Serial number 6599D.

Totally, completely, all original. Has never seen a soldering iron since it left the Bletchley factory. Original Dagnall transformers, 4 original GEC KT88-output tubes, 2 original RFT ECC83 preamp tubes, 1 original Philips/Mullard ECC82 (Marshall branded) phase splitter tube.

Overall in very near mint condition. Includes original Marshall cardboard shipping box!


Two Marshall 1982 ”Heavy Duty” 120 watt bass cabs – one angled front “A” top cab, serial 12532 and one straight front ”B” bottom cab, serial 12281.

Both cabs are equipped with original 30 watt Celestion G12H30 55Hz bass speakers (model T1281) with Pulsonic membranes. All eight speakers have EE date codes, which date them to May 1972. None of the speakers have (or have ever had) stickers on them. All wiring appears original.

Both cabs feature original checkerboard front cloth, while the plastic side handles and lack of corner protectors are period correct. They both have original dust covers, four original wheels each and generally appear like new.

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