Lundgren Vertigo Bridge for Tele

kr. 895

Woodstock Guitars

Johan Lundgren fortæller:

This pickup is based on a Pickup from 1952. I have copied a real 1952 Telecaster®/Broadcaster. I have used the same type of magnets and the same magnetwire. Brown plain enamel. The result is very alike. The magnets are postwar without cobolt. Alni 3. The thicker magnets used is exactly like it was in 1950-1954. They have a bigger amount of iron which increase the inductance and a punchy middle appears. It has enough twang but is not as sharp as many modern teles. It has a woody professional sound. The DC recistance is approx. 6,8 K.

Flere Detaljer:

Klik her for at lytte til pickuppen i bridge position.



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