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Johan Lundgren fortæller.

“Our M7 model was the first pickup we designed for Meshuggahs Fredrik Thordendahl and his 7-string guitars. In jiddish, “meshuggah” means roughly crazy/mad and we think you´ll fall madly in love with a model M7 pickup with lots of power and attitude.

Fredrik Thordendahl says: ‘This pickup is out of this world.’

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The design is a combination of winding and a ceramic magnet placed under the pickup to give you more of everything and caused many players to give up active pickups. With lots of gain on your amp, harmonics is a piece of cake. The powerful high output M7 model humbucker let your notes come through even with lots of distortion on your amp. The pickup has lots of low end. Also available as neck pickup. Length outer “ears” 92,5 mm, screwholes c-c 86 mm. Width 38mm, depht 19mm.”

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